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WORLD’S FIRST RUGGED NOTEPAD - Meet the Mesa Rugged Notepad™ featuring the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer, without the disadvantages of either.


rugged handheld tablet

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Rugged tablet

rugged table computer

Mesa - The Mesa is a data collection powerhouse with massive screen real estate, yet still feels like a compact handheld at the end of the long work day. To make life even better, the Mesa comes with a speedy Windows Mobile® 6.5.3 operating system that features enhanced pan and flick gestures, improved memory management, and finger-friendly screens. Like other Juniper Systems products, the Mesa provides a battery life that lasts all day (up to 16 hours), includes endless expansion opportunities, and is rugged enough to use as a wheel chock if the truck starts to roll.

MASSIVE SCREEN REAL ESTATE Bigger is better. That’s definitely true of the Mesa’s 5.7 inch VGA active viewing display. No other Windows Mobile® rugged handheld computer sports a screen bigger than the Mesa. Plus, the screen is bright enough to easily see in the great outdoors. More...


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