Rugged Mobile Handheld Evaluation Program

Need a Rugged Mobile Handheld Computer for a “hands on” evaluation?

Our evaluation program includes a variety of pre-loaded demonstration software to give you a genuine feeling of on-site functionality and usability! If you're starting a new Rugged Mobile Handheld program or upgrading existing Mobile Handhelds we can help make your project a success!

Our Mobile Handheld Evaluation program has proven over and over to be one of the best tools in selecting the correct Rugged Mobile Handheld for your needs.

With one of our test units in your hands you can:

  • Load your software and ensure compatibilty
  • Test your integration
  • Verify Accessories are compatibile
  • Let your staff check out the usabilitiy, look and feel, visibilty, etc...
  • Even take it on a demo to your customers!

Click the link on the right to get your two week handheld evaluation started!


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