Authorized Trimble Repair Center

Cardinal Mobile is proud to be a Trimble Prefered Service Provider. Our team of handheld repair specialists are dedicated to providing you the type of service and support you have every right to expect!  As an authorized service center for Trimble handhelds, our repair specialists take pride in providing quick and reliable service on your handheld units.

Did you know Cardinal can offer you an Extended Warranty for your Trimble Products?

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Request new Repair: Call 888.634.7181 or
Optain an RMA number via chat or Email

trimble authorized repair

Trimble Rma email

Warranty and Non-Warranty Repair Services

Repair Services Time
Non-Warranty Service Rates
  • Warranty - 5 business days*
  • Non-Warranty 10 Business days*
  • * Assumes parts availibility

    • $100 Per Hour with a 1 hour minimum + parts as needed
    • There is an estimate charge of 1 hour that will be applied to completed repairs
    Trimble handheld repair status

    Trimble Devices Serviced

    • Ranger
    • Recon
    • Nomad
    • Yuma
    • Juno
    Trimble Repair
    trimble authorized repair

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